Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Feminism and Book Reports

- I did a reading last night at Bluestockings that was curated by the lovely Krystal Languell, who edits the poetry journal Bone Bouquet. We were asked to read one piece of writing by someone we considered to be our "feminist elder," along with our own work. I was so happy to be included and to have the opportunity to share one of my favorite poems by Sharon Olds. I first read "Sex Without Love," in college. It is amazing and taught me that it's possible to write poems about sex in a way that isn't embarrassing and does not involve flower metaphors.

- Miracle Jones' report on "Moscow, 1937," that he read at the Second Anniversary of The Book Report reading series was just published over at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. I hereby order you to stop reading my blog and go read Miracle Jones book report because it is fierce and brilliant and amazing.

Here is a quote:

"But we don’t live and die in the world. We live and die in our heads. We live and die making decisions as individuals that change the story of our life, in real-time, day by day, according to insane laws of our own devising. A higher intelligence is always watching, whether you believe that higher intelligence to be Stalin, Jesus, Spock, Krishna, or your friends who will tell your story when you are gone."