Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Going to be 74 Degrees in Austin

Going to Austin today to visit friends, and meet up with the ridiculously talented Mary Miller. If you haven't read her short story collection BIG WORLD you need to take care of that immediately. Her stories remind me of Mary Gaitskill's before she decided it was a good idea to turn everything into a feminist allegory. They do an amazing job of playing with that fine line that divides the hilarious from the horribly sad. I mentioned this line to someone the other day and he didn't understand what I was talking about. Hasn't he ever watched videos of cats falling off of things?

Things I plan to do in Austin:

- Eat things from food trucks.
- Drink margaritas.
- Not look at snow.
- Try to talk myself out of buying a pair of cowboy boots and fail.

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