Monday, April 8, 2013

Kiss, Punch, Chapbook!

- Guys, how did I forget to post about this?! My chapbook "We Are Not Pilgrims," was published by Mondo Bummer last month. It contains poems about such varied subjects as death, bad boyfriends, and dental hygiene. Some of these haven't been published anywhere else so this is the only way to get your hands on them. Here is the best part: it is only $2! That's only 40 cents a poem! I'm not one to toot my own whatever but these poems are totally 100% worth 40 cents each.

You can buy it here. 

- Mark your calendars! Saturday April 20th I will be reading at Kiss, Punch Poem. I know I throw around the words awesome and amazing a lot, but this is for real, one of the best shows in the city. Three or four poets read poems and a troupe of improvisors make up skits about them. 

Fact: Improv is almost always terrible. Another fact: The improvisors in this show are hilarious. More facts: This show is in a real theater, it's only an hour long, and it is tremendously entertaining. Even if you can't make it when I'm reading you should definitely go. It is every Saturday at the Magnet theater at 9pm.

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