Friday, November 9, 2012

All Sorts of Stuff

Holy Moly. Being either a resident of NYC or a watcher of the news, you can probably imagine that the last couple weeks have been somewhat of a mess. Fortunately I never lost power so for me, the storm really just meant I was stranded in my neighborhood for a week and didn't have to go to work.

Other things that have happened in the last two weeks:

- I got a cold. You wouldn't think this would be a big deal, but you would be wrong. It was the biggest deal. Just ask my boyfriend who I complained to roughly 1,000 times a day until I started to feel better.

 - My review of Susanna Moore's THE LIFE OF OBJECTS was posted on the New York Daily News' Page Views blog.

 -  My poem "Beltane," was published on Escape into Life as part of their "Poetry of Fear" Halloween series (scroll down, it's at the bottom.) Kathleen Kirk is their poetry editor and she has been wonderful and super supportive.

 - I finished reading SHIFTING by Miracle Jones. Good God you guys. His books not only fucking amazing they are also free! FREE!! WHY HAVE YOU NOT READ THEM YET?? Download them here!

- Halloween happened. I ate some mini candy bars I purchased entirely for my own consumption and watched many episodes of Chopped.

- The line up for the next Derangement of the Senses was announced.

I know I always say to go to this show because it is always awesome and I am also always in it. But seriously. Go to this show. It's the two year anniversary and includes Leigh Stein, Elizabeth Crane, and Ghostwriter.

The first time Leigh and I met we bonded over our mutual love of Elizabeth Crane. She is the best. If you have not read ALL THIS HEAVENLY GLORY, read a book by Miracle Jones, then immediately read ALL THIS HEAVENLY GLORY. When you finish it you will have a strong desire to get drunk with her and share your most embarrassing secrets from middle school.

Also, Ghostwriter. He performs as a one man band and describes himself as the original punk-folk troubadour. I had no idea what this meant when I went to see him perform at the Branded Saloon in Brooklyn a few months ago, and honestly didn't think I'd be too into it. He performed in a tiny back room to maybe 20 people and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. He is an absolute force with the energy of an entire punk band. His performance was completely compelling and unlike pretty much anything I had ever seen. If you can't make it to Derangement he will be playing another set at the Branded Saloon later that night, and if you don't take the opportunity to see him perform you will be missing out on something amazing. You can go to his website here.

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