Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 New Poems + Ghost DOTS!

I have three new poems up at fwriction : review! It is a wonderful journal with wonderful editors, and I am so happy to be included in it! They also asked me to pick a song for their "waffle rocking" playlist. This was a fun thing to do, and I tried to think of something that would make me look really cool, but because I am me I settled on a Don Henley song. Yes that is lame, but in my life the lamest songs also seem to have the most personal significance, so what can you do.

ALSO, tomorrow is the October installment of Derangement of the Senses. You know what that means. Halloween DOTS! Yes these exist and yes they are guaranteed to be as inedible as regular DOTS, but unlike regular DOTS they are adorable and GLOW IN THE DARK. What? A candy that glows in the dark? Impossible you say! No. Possible. Additionally, there will be a whole lineup of amazing performers including Jenny Rubin, Paula Bomer, Lenea Grace, Jessica Smith, and Shelly Yosha. Miracle Jones will read a story! Kevin Carter will host! Jason Laney will play piano! And I will be performing my S&M Lesley Gore act because for some reason I equate PVC corsets with Halloween. Come out!

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