Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Worst Best Month

October is my favorite month. It's the beginning of jacket weather which means it's just chilly enough to start sitting around your apartment wearing fuzzy socks and feeling extra cozy, but not so chilly that the thought of walking two blocks to the deli to get a soda makes you want to cry. October marks the season of all sorts of delicious pumpkin flavored garbage. It also contains both Halloween AND my birthday (the 11th, just in case any of you want send me awesome presents).

Here is a thing I don't like about this October in particular: I am moving. I have been in my apt. for 5 years which is about a century in New York time. I am doing my best not to let my daily panic attacks get in the way of enjoying this most wonderful of months. Here is a list of fantastic things that are getting me through:

1. The Septober issue of Megazine. Content and design wise this is just about the best journal there is. For real. I read a lot of this stuff.

2. The release of Jeanne Thornton's wonderful new novel THE DREAM OF DOCTOR BANTAM.

3. The first season of Twin Peaks which I had somehow not yet seen. I am watching it sober because otherwise I would simultaneously suffer from a brain explosion and a heart attack at some point during each episode.

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