Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last night I was bored and not sleeping despite having taken a sleeping pill when I decided to do what anyone else in that state would do, try to find myself on the internet. This led to me finally watching the episode of The A List that one of my Paperdolls shows from a few months ago was featured on.

"What is the A List?" you might ask, along with everyone else I've told about this. It's a show on LOGO modeled after The Real Housewives franchise that follows the exciting lives of a bunch of young gay men living in New York. I'm reserving judgment because I only watched the 10 minute segment that includes people I know, but you can find the episode here and read the recap here, in case you're anything like me and find it necessary to read the recap of a show while you're watching it. Our segment starts around the 30 minute mark and highlights include someone saying "Baton, bitch!" when Kiki gets on the stage, and being able to see me in the background at some point. My personal highlight that was not featured in the final cut was when Derek started talking to me backstage and when it quickly got awkward, stared at me blankly and said "I have to get a Diet Coke."

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