Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap

This is apparently what happens when I am trapped inside for 48 hours. It's not pretty.

Friday: Freaked out because there was a hurricane coming and my boyfriend was supposed to be working in Manhattan all weekend. Found out they gave him Sat. and Sun. off. Celebrated by going to a friend's goodbye party and drinking too much.

Saturday Morning: Stocked up on storm supplies. Realized I'm an asshole because I consider chocolate covered pretzels and wine to be storm supplies.

Saturday Afternoon: Watched storm coverage. Developed thesis that most news programs are dumber than reality shows. Witnessed many things to support this. Took nap.

Saturday Night: Waited for storm then got bored when I realized it wouldn't be showing up for a while. Drank wine. Fell asleep.

Sunday Morning: Boyfriend and I went out to survey the damage in my neighborhood. Confirmed suspicion that there was none. Realized I'm an asshole again when I was a little disappointed that the whole thing hadn't been more dramatic. Got coffee at a bagel shop because stores on my block had already started reopening.

Sunday Afternoon: Watched an entire season of It's Always Sunny. Attempted to go to the movies, but gave up when we realized everyone else in the neighborhood had the same idea resulting in a line around the block. Drank wine.

Sunday Night: Leigh texted to see if I wanted to get a drink. Told her to come over as, despite having already consumed lots of wine, we still had lots of wine. Drank wine. Noticed I was exhausted from doing nothing for two days. Went to bed.

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